"The benefit of the "DP" is constant movement throughout your spread, like live ducks.  There's no fumbling of your calls/gun while one hand is occupied by a jerk string. I made hunts this past year with and without the "DP" and the difference is noticeable." 


                            Austin Ross 

                Austin Ross Photography

"There are a TON of motion products on the market, but only a few that look realistic, and a handful that last more than one season. The DP is a product we take with us everyday. A- it puts ripples in our decoy spread, and B- it creates motion from above that ducks can see from a long way away. This is a product I will continue to use. Still using the same one I bought 4 years ago."

                            Brandon Martin 

                           Day Break Outdoors


"The DP is the most effective and efficient decoy spread enhancer I have ever used.  Whether you are in a rice field or a late season timber hole the DP will make you wish you had never spent a morning pulling on a traditional jerk string."


                         Brett Hernandez

"I have hunted over the DP in flood timber, fields, and back water sloughs. There is nothing out there than can make your spread come to life like this product. I am sold that the DP has made our hunts better! you wont regret adding this to your hunt."

                          Peyton Massey