*NEW* Plug and Go Speed Controller for the **Designated Puller Model 1** ( GEN 1 or GEN 2 ) Easy Install, Less than 5 Minutes. Requires one 5/16 hole to be drilled for control knob accessibility on the outside of the box. 


Install Info:

Step 1: Remove battery and foam insulation from box.

Step 2: Drill 1, 5/16 hole opposite of the on/off switch. (Make sure hole is low enough so controller box fits and lid will close). Remove and stick velcro in later step. 

Step 3: Remove plastic knob, nut and flatwasher. Insert controller pin through hole, place flat washer first, then knob on outside of the box. Tighten nut and slide on plastic knob.

Step 4: Take the two short wires coming out of the controller (Red connects to Red wire from top of the switch, Black wire connects to Black wire from battery box) The two long wires coming out of the controller connect to your battery.

Step 5: Peel and Stick controller box so it stays in place.

Plug and Go Speed Controller