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       For years we have been hunting and trying new products, but we have always been led back to the old faithful jerk string. We all carry one in our bags, but there have always been a couple of complaints. We got tired of pulling the jerk string on those long mornings or couldn't hold our gun and calls while pulling the jerk string at the same time. So, I searched the market for a product, but couldn't find one that would suit my needs. Finally, I got in my shop and after a lot of trial and error the "DP", the Designated Puller, was born.


       For Years, The "DP" has been put to the test and lived up to all expectations. Made from 16 gauge steel tubing, this machine is as tough as it gets. In the design, I tried to develop the natural motion of a person pulling a jerk string to mimick what has always seemed to work, without all of the labor. With over 2 feet of pull the "DP" can give you any action you desire. With this design you can get movement anywhere: rolled rice, timber, sloughs, moist soil areas or any situation out there.  I believe that the "DP" provides the most realistic motion on the market. I made this product to go along with any jerk string you already have. Simply tie it on, and it can run all morning. Waterfowl key off motion and the "DP" provides motion that will elevate your hunting experience.  


Perfect Limit Outdoors.

Owner, Christian Frierson